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Blog #8: Where do you get your news?

Blog #8: Where do you get your news?

Due Date: Friday, May 15
Word Count: At least 400
Links: At least 2
Blogs that do not meet minimum expectations will not be given points.

You've spent the last 10 days being exposed to news that comes from sources you don't typically consult. You've hopefully learned something or evolved in your way of thinking about news in general.

Journal for the 10 days:
So far all the the days I have googled Kare11 it's been the same layout and most content is easy to find. Tabs at the top, main story at the top left along with links and the small less important stories are in the middle and down the page, weather and ads are down the right side of the page.
They have headlines you can choose for the grid or list, and those are usually all the same topics but the order just changes to what is the most relevant
The  bottom this website has the ‘about us”, “contact us”, and “help” etc.
Then again they have the first 8 tabs at the bottom as the same ones they had at the top.
Im starting to notice that all the stories on the top show on what has happen last.  and the feature stories are the most popular.

Why does news matter?
News channels and newspapers are businesses, which are struggling just the same as all businesses are right now. Their survival depends on selling advertising, and they can charge more for advertising if they can prove that a lot of people will see it. So absolutely everything depends on viewer/circulation. Therefore they will print or broadcast whatever they think will attract more readers or viewers.

Why is news so depressing?
It isn't that the disasters are the only things that happen. Perhaps journalists are drawn to reporting bad news because sudden disaster is more compelling than slow improvements. Or it could be that news gatherers believe that cynical reports of corrupt politicians or unfortunate events make for simpler stories. But another strong possibility is that we, the readers or viewers, have trained journalists to focus on these things. Many people often say that they would prefer good news but a part of me doesn't think this is true.

Why are there so many places to get news, why not narrow it down to five?
Not all people read the same kinds of things and many of these viewers don't have the same views and or beliefs or opinions. You need news for republican, democrats, gay straight people etc. People are only going to come back if you keep supplying them with news that apply to them.

How does news make you feel?
Most of the time news is depressing to watch, because it's all negative things that have happened or that could be potentially happening then the weather.

Why do we get so interested in things that are none of our business?

People who are unable to mind their own business are most likely internally miserable. They seek to find faults within others just to make themselves feel better. Offering insight to a friend whose present situation seems distressed can be helpful at times but there is only so much advice you can give without pushing the limits. Even if you don’t agree with what someone else is doing sometimes, you need to take a backseat and let them make their own mistakes.

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Blog #9: Starting a discussion

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blog #9: Starting a discussion:

Traditional Families vs. Contemporary Families

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce these days. As couples split up, families change. Families add or gain family members as well as lose. In addition to divorced families, couples with children who choose no marriage, gay couples having children and grandparents raise their grandchildren. We commonly think that a “traditional” family consisting of the parents being married with plenty of money to tie them down and a four legged dog named Lucky. The father “brings home the bacon”, meaning he would be the family's primary source of income. The Mother is the caretaker of the household, meaning that she would mind for the children, do the cooking, cleaning, shopping and so on. The child(ren) are healthy and respectful and maybe a dog and its another member of the family. Although some families have problems in a specific area of their lives but another family might have problems in the area that the other family is great in. Every family is unique. “I have a broken family” and “I can handle and a step dad or mom that's bearable and my real dad lives about half an hour away. My mom and dad trade weekends with us kids and it works great. Parents only talk to each other when it's needed, and are living happier lives than when they were together. Some parents try to protect their children with staying together until the “baby” is out of the house, Who are they protecting because the kids couldn't stand the idea of their parents being with someone else, but they see right through it.


Due: Monday, May 22, at the end of class
350 words minimum
2 links minimum

Your blogs this week will be the basis for class discussions next week. It's very important these get done by Friday so I can spend some time this weekend to put together discussions for next week. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Take a look at one (or a few) of the following sites that deal with current issues in Journalism and New Media. | Pew Internet and American Life Project | Pew Research Center | Columbia Journalism Review |  Journalist's Resource | Sensible Talk: Analysis | NPR's On The Media | | New Media @ Media Life|Online Journalism Review | | |

1. Either find an article that presents or raises  a great question and explore it. Examine the author's points and bring in some points that either support or refute it. Finally, ask questions that could lead to a great class discussion based on what you researched.

2. Ask questions first and find articles that could give clues to answers. Create the discussion yourself.


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blog # 6 A good story

Blog #6: A Good Story
Due: Wednesday, April 8
No minimum word count. 
No required links

Your task this week is to create something totally unique. You don’t have to link anything, find any outside sources, or process. Your job is simple, but it’s the most consistently challenging task for great journalists.

Go out and find a person with a story to tell and get a story from them. Pass that story along on your blog in the form of an extended quote. Challenge yourself to keep your post to only the quote and descriptions of their speaking.

You’re not allowed to do email/messenger reporting. Online video and audio reporting is acceptable. This should be a quote you get as a result of a conversation.  Think about relatives, teachers, siblings, bosses, or just interesting people who will let you talk to them. You do not need to put the person’s name in your post if they aren't comfortable with you using it.

The story could be sad, funny, nostalgic, powerful, or mundane. The most important thing is that you’re finding it and getting it down to share. Use your best judgment about what is appropriate to publish online and protect the identity of your source if the story is sensitive.

A good story!

March 13, 1963 I was born, the final child born in my family. My parents thought it was important for all of their children to learn certain values: be working hard, honesty, and treating everyone the way they would want to be treated. It all payed off. I was Snow Days King in 1981. I was never on the ‘A’ or ‘B’ honor roll, I just said hi to everyone and tried to be positive and upbeat. I was in band from 5th-12th grade, I played the tuba and the trumpet. In sixth grade I joined wrestling, I continued on with the sport till I graduated high school. I very seldom went out with my friends, but when I did, I didn't really have a curfew, just as long as I was up to milk the cows at six A.M that next morning.
I lived on my parents farm till I was twenty-one years old, with my six brothers and sisters: Suzanne, Diane, John, Dale, Luanne, and Marianne. I was the youngest out of all of them, which meant I was usually everyone's target, after supper, I was the runt I always had to be the first to try things out, I got picked on the most.  They would wait till I fell asleep and tied my shoelaces to the chair legs and then tell me to go to bed. Or they would wait till I fell asleep with my mouth open, and my sister Marianne (2 years older) would put unpopped popcorn in my mouth and start yelling, ‘Jim your teeth are falling out!’ and I would wake up spitting them out in my hand.” All of those experiences with my brothers and sisters only managed to bring us closer together at the end of the day. No matter what, our household always had three meals a day together, went to church once a week either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, and we always did our farm work together.

To this day I still work hard at what I do and I will till the day I die. I wake up at different times every morning, putting together a lunch for myself and knowing I won't get home until late, is something me and my family are use to. I have been a tree mover/salesman for a little over 25 years now. This wasn't a job you could go to college for, it’s a job you must teach yourself. Although I have learned a lot, to this day, I still learn as I go.

I was interested in this profession from going to the cities and watching other tree spades. I was fascinated with how the spade moved the tree and didn't harm it in anyway. This is one of a few different ways i'm well known in Buffalo, I strive to make all clients/customers satisfied with the work I do.

I believe that family is important in anyone's life, I had a wife, he name was Linda (McCarthy) Sawatzke, we got married May 12, 2006 in Linda’s sisters backyard. Unfortunately it had rained that day, but all immediate family and close friends were invited to celebrate our commitment we made to each other. I had proposed to her with a box of socks, on Christmas day. She loved socks. I knew I loved her because I wanted to spend every minute of every day with her. Linda has three sons: Carl, Rory, Charlie. The three boys do have a different dad, but I do the best I can with treating them like my own. However, I do have one daughter of my own, Cassie Sawatzke. I don’t wish for anymore kids, because i'm old and they’re a lot of responsibility, especially with this tough world we live in. I thought it was important to teach my daughter the same values as my parents taught me.  When my daughter didn't follow the rules me and his wife set for her, she would get the consequences of getting things taken away like her phone, privileges to go out, her car taken away, or maybe even soap in her mouth. My consequences were a little more extreme, but my dad would literally kick my ass, or my mom would chase me around with a yardstick. I maybe wouldn't learn the first time or the second. But eventually  The best advice I can give to someone is, don't stress on stuff you can’t control.

Satire Blog



any use of humor, irony, exaggeration,to criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

I was thinking about how now days there are so many choices to simple things like toothpaste, hair shampoo and conditioner, pizzas, makeup, tampons. What you planned on being a quick trip to the grocery store will turn into hours looking at all the different brands. I know personally Id rather just scrap up what I have at home. I get overwhelmed, seeing all the different options and brands, I end up leaving, pushing the pickup to another day.

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Blog #5: Design

Blog #5: Design

Due: Thursday, March 26
More than 400 words
At least three links to sources with Synthesis included
At least 2 original design (the one we did in class for the 50 minute challenge counts)

During class this week, we spent most of our time talking about the importance of Play and Design in our lives, our society, and especially in Journalism and media. The presentations we looked at to base some of our discussions on are below.

Here are some questions to consider as you think about your blog:

  1. How do design elements affect a reader's experience with a publication?
  2. In what ways are you a designer?
  3. In what ways has design influenced decisions you have made?
  4. Write about a time that design has changed your behavior or your way of thinking.
  5. Write about a time when you solved a problem with design.
  6. How could you design a solution to a problem you've seen.
  7. What have you realized about design that you hadn't before?
  8. In what ways does awareness relate to journalism?
  9. What rules have you constructed for yourself without knowing it that may be limiting your ability or awareness?
  10. How has the role of play changed throughout your life?
  11. What do you enjoy about school or your work?
  12. Explain how play influences motivation.
  13. What have you come to realize about the relationship between work and play?

Design is how something is made, this is usually requiring a lot of planning for proper function, look or feeling. The design is very important. For instance the design for a website, house or project. A website should be easy to manage, a house should fit expectations and needs for yourself and your family to make it a suitable "home" to you something you're proud of. As well as a project it should meet the requirements but also be unique make the person with the grading sheet remember yours ! Make the project and say something about you and your individuality.
You may be a designer without even realizing it, I've worked at Dairy Queen for almost five years now and every year I've decided to come back the layout (where all the machines, carts, orders of the candies etc.) you wouldn't think that it would matter.  Its part of the design..plan.  What's easier for the employees is more efficient for the customers experience with us. If things are easier to get to, shaves more time off the hand out time and happier the customers are and the higher their chances are to come back.
I do think that design affects every person, it doesn't have to be just for a magazine. Ever since I was young I've moved the furniture in my room around and I feel that is part of a design it didn't necessarily change my behavior but everything has to fit in there like before just in different places and perhaps the arrangement was easier to find specific things and easier to get around.
A time where design helped solve a problem, like when Dairy Queen moves things around for time management. Every millisecond, second and minute that is shaved off means that we are all that much faster, we need to put the fast in fast food.  
Something that I realized that I hadn't noticed before about design is in magazines.  About how much planning and work it takes for a simple outline to make it look good. Props to those people that have those patience.

Design has always influenced that life of us American or anyone for that matter.The things we buy, the houses we live in. you pay for what you get. !

 a house is a design 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blog #4: Choice

Blog #4: Choice

Due: Friday, March 6
Word count: 400 or more.
Minimum number of links: 3 actual sources, not just definitions.

Potential New Questions:

  • What kind of choices do you make about news? How does that impact your view of the world? Choosing "No." to news is also a choice.

  • Do you believe what the old folks say about online news being bad for people? Were things better when we had fewer choices? Or, is this something great?

  • Barry Schwartz argued that too many choices lead to paralysis. Do you think that applies to news coverage? If this is true, what should a person do to stay up-to-date on news coverage, narrowing choices down without falling victim to confirmation bias? Maybe Barry is full of crap.

  • Whose fault is it when people make bad choices about news?

  • What's the difference between allowing people to customize their news and encouraging confirmation bias?

  • Does "He-said-she-said" Journalism encourage the propagation of unpopular opinions or is it balance?

How to you still give people a choice while also making them knowledgeable, informed participants in the global culture and a democratic society? Or, is that even desirable?

For choice blog, I choose to write about about all the different ways that you can receive news, and you choose whether its real or not?  For example social media, newspapers, websites, TV etc. they all claim they're news to be legitimate, but is it? I think we have a many leaders that we acquaint ourselves with on a daily basis (people that other people look up to) and they follow in their footsteps and believe what they're leader believes in, only because they hear it to be a certain way, not because we they saw it themselves. News is like telephone, small details get changed and tweaked and before you notice the whole story. Bits and pieces get changes and the story is no longer “legit”. So is it credible? I think that allowing people to customize their own news is a good idea, because all news thats a lot to choose from and I think that people would get overwhelmed and just kind of give up thinking that important news will get around. But wouldn't you want to be the one that is providing the news, and got your facts from a reliable source rather than a friend that heard from another friend. You're the one that knows about the events rather than the one asking the questions. People in my eyes that know about current events (news) seem intelligent rather than having someone bring it just in casual conversation and be that person that doesn't know what you talking about.

I think that this is great example of choice.A man named Carl who has been avoiding his friends and not returning his messages for three years, all because his great love walked out on him. His negative stance makes it easy to do his job, which amounts to denying loan applications. He's so indifferent to this work that he isn't even nice to his boss, who desperately wants to make friends. For Carl, it's just up in the morning, and no, no, no all day! Saying no! all the way, he's dragged to a meeting of Say Yes!,  Turn your life around by saying "yes!" to everything.  Carl discovers with amazement the magical power of "Yes", and sees his professional and romantic life turned upside down overnight: an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend. But he'll soon discover that better can be good's enemy, and that all opportunities shouldn't be taken.

Word choice

I feel that the choosing of your words is very important, you want to make sure people are understanding you and what you are trying to say. 

Image result for yes man

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Blog #3: The Future of Journalism

Blog #3: The Future of Journalism

Due date: Wednesday, February 25.
Minimum words: 350
Minimum links: 2

From your experiences brainstorming and researching about trends for this project;
  1. What have you come to understand about newspapers right now?
  2. Are you finding any "good news" about either the present state or the future of news?
  3. What are successful outlets doing that others aren't?
  4. How do you think the job of a reporter is changing? How will it continue to change?
  5. What are the main struggles you had making a newspaper people would buy and advertisers would support?
  6. What are newspapers (or any news agency) going to struggle with in the near future?
  7. What are you basing your ideas for the future on?
  8. What are your main conclusions about the future of news, reporting, and/or news creation?
Embed your group's project and PowerPoint and write a reflection on it as a portfolio entry.
  • Write about what you did, the things you learned along the way, what you think you did well and what areas you still have for improvement.
  • What would you do differently if you could do it again?
  • How can it be applied to future projects and layouts?


I feel like news isn't something that my generation was really taught to check or   something that not that important. Its something that one only hears about through other kids kind of like telephone, schoolmates hear about an event through parents, coworkers, radio and then they spread it. Some small details of the event tend to change, and those small details will eventually completely change the story. Personally I think journalism will always be existing. To many many people enjoy reading journalism and many more take pleasure in writing it. Just much more unprofessional, or if journalism takes off in the next few years again, I believe it will be apart of our driving, our cars will be driving themselves and our news will be our windshield.
For our project, my group and I proposed the News kiosk to the class. This program would be a app and also a Kiosk. The Kiosk would be located in every town. The number of Kiosks will be determined on how many people are in your town (1 kiosk per 1000 people). You could get the app,or your news could be refreshed at a kiosk (the kiosks would be found at grocery stores, Walmart, gas stations etc.) Breaking news would refresh automatically, the rest of news would be updated every thirty minutes or updating manually is also a option if 30 minutes is too long to wait for letting it update itself. I think we based our proposal to the fact that newspaper is something that will slowly run out of business, everything is becoming electronic (technically). More than 9 out of 10 people in our block 3 journalism 2 class have a smartphone and then on top of that have laptops. Newspaper and magazines are slowly becoming less convenient for people to use in their busy schedules, its just easier to pick up your phone and see that news that way. I learned that its important to be one with the news the fastest, be the one that gets it out for the public first.